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Cellulite Diet – Detox Meal Plan Options

The best way to ensure that your diet works is by undergoing a full detox program. Let us look at some of the daily detox meal plans to get a clearer picture of what you should eat.

Detox cellulite diet version #1

Drink a glass of plain water as soon as you wake up from bed. For breakfast, take two bananas, one piece of toast, one green apple and a cup of green tea. For lunch, take a glass of mixed fruit juice and a bowl of vegetable salads added with a bit of chopped chicken and almonds. For dinner, consume a bowl of vegetable soup, a small portion of sushi, a bowl of garden salads, a handful of grapes and a cup of green tea. If you don’t like sushi, you can substitute it with brown rice.

Detox cellulite diet version #2

As usual, this cellulite diet requires you to drink plain water first thing in the morning. For breakfast, take one pear and one apricot or either one of the fruits with a slice of toast (preferably made of wholemeal bread. For lunch, take a glass of mixed vegetable juice added with a handful of chopped pineapples and vegetable salads comprised of broccoli, cucumber and tomatoes. If you feel too hungry, substitute half a portion of the salads with brown rice. For dinner, consume one avocado, a small plate of pasta cooked with tomatoes and garlic, a bowl of vegetable salads and a handful of berries.

Detox cellulite diet version #3

Drink plain water like usual and for breakfast consume cooked muesli with a cup of herbal tea. For lunch, combine fruits and vegetables to make your juice and eat carrot salads with brown rice and one Mandarin orange. For dinner, consume mushroom soup with lentil curry and one boiled corn. For dessert, eat half a mango or papaya.

Hope you like the detox cellulite diet options above; after all a full detox program only takes 7 days to complete.

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